Feb 6, 2012


Hello friends! Are you ready to continue with math? You are? Good.
Today we will take a look at multiplication.
Multiplying is as easy as addition. In fact, sometimes it's easier.
Ok, how does multiplication work? Well, multiplication is merely adding the same number to itself a certain number of times. For example, 7x3, is really 7+7+7. Guess what? that's a simple single-digit addition, and then another single-digit number added to a double-digit number. The answer, as you've probably already figured out, is 21. (7+7=14  14+7=21).

All single-digit multiplications are just as easy, though it is advisable to memorize the multiplication table up to at least 12. Multiplication Table

When doing double-digit multiplication.. or greater, break them down into single-digit multiplication. Almost exactly the same way you break down additions, with one important point. Every number on one side of the multiply sign MUST be multiplied by every number on the other side.
Thus, in the equation 234x567, breaking it down into single-digit multiplications, will result in;
4x7, 4x60, 4x500, 30x7, 30x60, 30x500, 200x7, 200x60, 200x500. BUT, before you start doing the multiplications, you need to know one important thing. When multiplying a number with zeros at the end of it, first, multiply the numbers, then add the zeros to the end of the answer. for example, 200x7.. 2x7=14.. now add 2 zeros to the end of the answer to get 1400. If both multipliers have zeros at the end, then you add those zeros together, like this; 200x500... 2x5=10.. and you have 2 zeros in the 200, 2 zeros in the 500.. add 2 zeros plus 2 zeros to get 4 zeros, then add them to the end of the answer, thus 10 0000 or 100,000.
Ok, now we can go back, and finish the example.
4x7=28, 4x60=24 0, 4x500= 20 00, 30x7= 21 0, 30x60= 18 00, 30x500= 15 000, 200x7= 14 00, 200x60= 12 000 and finally, 200x500 = 10 0000.
Oops, we have a problem. we have 9 answers! Actually, we have nine components of the answer. The final step is to add all these numbers together;


So, the answer to 234x567 is 132,678.

Alright, this week, instead of giving you multiplications to work on, I want to to make sure you have memorized the multiplication table from 1 to 12.
See you next week for more math!

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